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Detailed Cycle Analysis of Turbofan Engine Essay

Detailed Cycle Analysis of Turbofan Engine - Essay Example1. Fan – The fan is at the obverse of the engine. The process of propulsion begins at this part. The fan initiates a flow of air around the engine. The air gets separated into two streams. The larger stream, known as bypass air, is typically about 85%, while the smaller stream which refers to primary air, is about 15% of the total volume of air. The bypass air usually keeps the engine quieter, cooler and more fuel efficient.3. Combustion chamber – After the compression process is complete the highly pressured air got forced through a combustor. Then, fuel got added and burned. This process makes the air temperature to be high.4. Turbines – Hot air gets blasted through the blades of the turbines. The two whirling turbines rotate the shafts that steer both the fan and the compressors at the front part of the engine. This process allows modern jets to function with high fuel efficiency.5. Exhaust nozzle – The hot air get forced via the exhaust opening at the rear part of the engine.

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